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What is the definition of wealth?

The idea that being a part-time investor is going to bring you wealth and make you rich enough anytime soon to retire and enjoy the life of as a country squire, tending grapes at your chateau in France is delusional. … Continue reading

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This will be the last Invest-Notes in its current iteration. Actually, there’s only been one version of the Invest-Notes blog since my friend Rob set it up as a birthday gift in 2011. Your next visit will still find thoughts … Continue reading

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Market Drops

After an explosive move up in January, we were subsequently reminded that stocks (and indexes) can still go down. This is a time when it is especially important to avoid emotional reactions and focus on intelligent decision-making. Here are a … Continue reading

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Coin of the realm

That Bitcoin, and its ilk, are experiencing a “Netscape Moment” should serve as a cautionary note on many levels to investors. The practical similarities between the web browser Netscape Navigator as an investment, and Bitcoin as an investment are obvious. Netscape … Continue reading

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Oh time, thy pyramids

Let’s start with a reminder that equities and fixed income instruments don’t respect the Gregorian calendar. Why should it? At what point does the fact that a year consists of about 356 days, and further divided into twelve months of … Continue reading

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Foreign Affairs

Invest-Notes has always been a big advocate of investing in enterprises operating beyond the borders of the United States. And while the world has not turned out to be quite as flat as predicted during the close of the last … Continue reading

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Train keeps a-rollin’

10-29-17 With market valuations at nosebleed levels and market sectors like technology going parabolic, it is easy to make a case that a correction must be immanent. This is not a good bet. The current bull market started in October … Continue reading

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A Happy Anniversary

10-16-17 Ten years ago today the first Investnotes was sent by email to a handful of family and friends. In 2010 my good friend Rob Simons gave me a WordPress blog site, set-up and ready to go, as a birthday … Continue reading

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The Jazz of Investing

Frankly, it’s a fool’s errand to try and decide when is a good time to buy or sell equities based on movements in the stock market. Yes, valuations appear stretched and the recent, relentless upward trend in most market indexes would … Continue reading

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Sake and CRSP

The question came from a good friend in the asset management business over a cup of sake. Talking about a presentation to his firm from Blackrock, one of the biggest ETF/Mutual fund companies in the world, he had been surprised … Continue reading

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